Hi! I'm Alexandre Soares
A Front-End Developer

Quick minded, efficient and flexible Front End Developer with an international profile, mastering VueJs and NuxtJs, looks forward contributing to a challenging project!

Only available for a full remote worldwide project!

Projects // 5

Front End Website


Aircall is a French company founded in 2014, specializing in the design of business telephony solutions based on the cloud and located in Paris, New York, Madrid and Sydney.

I'm co-responsible for the development and maintenance of the Aircall website, with the current in-house frontend developer. Using a problem-solving mindset, I own projects from the brief to the delivery, and collaborate with different functions at Aircall: Brand & Content teams, Demand Generation teams (growth, SEO…), Marketing Operations, Infrastructure & Reliability teams etc.

🏆 Achievements

Within a timeline of 6 months:

  • Improved website deployment time up to 60%
  • Performed comprehensive analysis on a website targeting 9M of views annually (+700 urls listing, 4 languages, +50 components listing, build & deployment time)
  • Built a new CMS architecture guide for a efficient content migration
  • Elaborated a web development style guide for a uniform and consistent code
  • Refactored multiple components for better comprehensive & scalable code
  • Set up an automatic Gitlab notifications Slack channel

🤔 What did I learn?

  • Set up a Headless CMS (Contentful)
  • Learned marteking aspects of a project (NPS, MVP, MRR)
  • Better comprehesion of AWS ecosystem
  • First dive on Terraform
Front End Website

UX Designer - Portfolio

In 2021, I've been contact by a UX Designer to create her new portfolio. The real challenge here was to understand the client's needs as fast as possible.

🤔 What did I learn?

  • Set a theme depending on OS theme
  • Code with professional wireframes
  • Use Scroll parallax
  • Knowledge about UX-UI Design by reading study cases
  • How to behave with professional clients
Full Stack App

Requiem's Blog

A blog where you can see posts about video games.

🤔 What did I learn?

  • Import SVG icons as Components
  • How to setup a Firebase project (Authentication, Firestore, etc)
  • Connect a Firebase project to a VueJS app
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Entries (blog posts) with Vue Store and Firestore
  • How to Login, Register an user and reset his password if needed
  • Implement an Admin View with Firebase Function Setup
  • How to use Quill Editor for formatting text
  • Upload images with input type file, ref attributes and createObjectURL function
  • Handle images inside the Quill Editor
  • Implement route guarding
  • Secure Firebase Database with Firebase rules
  • Deploy a VueJS application with Firebase Hosting
Full Stack App

Invoice App

A invoice app where you can easily create, modify or delete invoices made with Vue3, Vuex & Firebase.

🤔 What did I learn?

  • Firebase/Firestore Setup
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Entries (invoices)
  • Loading component for better UX Experience
  • Retrieve data from Firestore collection
  • Filter invoices by status
Full Stack App

Goal Setter App

A Goal Setter app where you can add/delete your goals. The main goal of this project was to learn how to set up & deploy a full stack application with the MERN stack.

🤔 What did I learn?

  • Create, Delete Entries (goals or users for example)
  • Create Routes, Controllers & Models
  • Create/Handle errors using Middlewares
  • Create & Connect a database using MongoDB
  • Use JWT with JsonWebToken to handle user authentication
  • Run 2 commands simultaneously with Concurrently package
  • Display notifications with React Toastify package
  • Deploy the fullstack app with the Heroku CLI

Who am I? 😈

Hi again! I am Alexandre Soares, a portuguese Front End developer born & raised in Lyon, France, but currently living in Bulgaria for the past 3 years.

I studied IT at University for 3 years but having still chemistry lessons didn’t convince me to pursue this way 🤷‍♂️ so I changed for 100% web development education.

Since 2018, I’m working with VueJs & NuxtJs between blows of vacuum cleaner.

Interested? Available for remote positions
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Interested? Available for remote positions
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